let me introduce myself...

In my spare time I "specialize" in shopping, visiting my family, traveling, and filling up my passport. (Please go away COVID-19). I love a good laugh and good food (translation: snacks that contain sugar and salt). 

...my name is Roberta. I have been described as gregarious and personable. According to The People Code I am a "Yellow".  I am all about spreading sunshine with a dash of pure truth telling.

A little background! My very first job was delivering papers on super early Sunday mornings in Buffalo, NY. I grew eventually to working at a local Burger King while in high school. I learned a lot of life lessons and skills working there. After college, and up to now, I have worked in construction, pharmaceutical, retail, tech and various other fields. I have supported and taken care of Managers, Directors, Vice Presidents and CEOs of large and small companies. In 2015 I took my skill set and fired up my entrepreneurial spirit and started my own business.  Voilà - here I am! My super power lies in my ability to make my clients shine. Their success fuels mine.


I am scared to death of very large objects. Think standing on the ground next to a 747 - yikes - It's a real thing! 

I have no children - but I do have 13 nieces and nephews.


I think once a year you should spend the day with YOURSELF - shopping, eating and relaxing - all ALONE! It's very healthy! 



WHY you SHOULD WORK with me


There are only so many hours in a day

Maximize your time...You know what you want done but there are not enough hours in the day for you to complete all your tasks. That's where connecting with me will be a blessing. No need to feel overwhelmed any longer.  Those tasks, reports, Excel spreadsheets, YouTube uploads...I can take care of that. 


one-on-one support

Increase Efficiency. We can work together to make sure your customized website template or administrative tasks are completed in the most efficient way possible.  I not only work with you, but I listen, offer suggestions, and help you grow. 


resourceful - problem solver

Sometimes to find the answer to something research is required or analysis of data might be needed...I do the research, find the data, the reason, the insight, the article, the blog on how-to etc. I am your resourceful problem solver for locating and finding information that will be useful to your business.  


financially good for you

No overhead cost on your end...period.  

Need I say more...


Are you ready to make things happen?

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